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We have developed an awesome energy gel for athletes that uses only Palatinose (tm) as an energy source.
— Tide Runners Hamburg

This gives Crew Gel power

Palatinose™ is a fully bioavailable carbohydrate that makes the blood sugar level increase less steeply and more evenly* after consumption, making it an ideal companion for long periods of exercise. Our Ready-2-Mix formula is vegan and free of preservatives.

You simply fill water into the sachet before exercising and get a gel with exactly the consistency you like.

*Consumption of the Palatinose™ gel concentrate, which contains isomaltulose instead of other sugars, causes the blood sugar level to rise less sharply after consumption compared to sports gels containing other sugars. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are basic prerequisites for good health.

Crew Gel has a refreshing lemon taste

Pure, with caffeine or salt.

Before exercising, fill up with water, shake and give it all. 

We recommend taking a gel every 30 to 50 minutes.  

Before drinking, shake the gel again vigorously, as the Palatinose settles again when you are running.


We sell our Tide Runners Crew Gel in a super sexy 10pcs display box.

“We run every Wednesday at 9:00 pm from Superbude St. Pauli. Everybody is welcome!

We run about 6 min/km pace, which is slow because we want to unite the different types of runners. If this is too fast, then the short lap is for you. If that's too slow, you'll find somewhere else to run. There are enough running crews in Hamburg where you can compete. If you put on your running shoes at Tide Runners, you take off your ego.

Show interest in the runner next to you. There's a good chance that he or she is a very nice person. For social reasons, we do not want our runners to wear headphones.

We run a different route every week, there are no repetitions. The routes are partly mixed with planned stops for drinking liquor, running stairs or doing stabilisation and fitness exercises. Be prepared.

We always run about 15 kilometres with at least one possibility to run a short distance of 7-8 kilometres.  

We run in all weathers. In all!

The Tide Runners are their runners. Inside, like outside. We like people who appreciate respect, fairness, openness and creativity.

Superbude is our friend and partner. Please treat staff and facilities with the respect they deserve, clean up your shit and share lockers so that the hostel guests can use them as well.

The Superbude St Pauli offers you the possibility to deposit your belongings. After our run the bar is open and we are happy to see you there, so don't go home right away.

(PS: 9 o' clock means 9 o' clock.)

Calorie counting, sports nutrition, training plans or the right running shoes can be a topic, but it's probably better to be somewhere else if you are only into those topics. We also talk about Pale Ale, politics or St. Pauli, hangover breakfast, fashion and nonsense.

If you want to run with us, you don't have to be a professional, but you should be able to run +/- 7 km in one go. We can do the rest together.

Crew Love,
Your Tide Runners
Tide Runners Wave Breaker

Being a crew means for us: running together, training together, but also spending leisure time together, celebrating together. And since beer is known to be one of the best electrolyte drinks for athletes, we have brewed our first own favourite beer this year.

Tide Runner's Märzen is an unfiltered, bottom fermented beer. Unfiltered does not necessarily mean cloudy: Because this beer is classically cold aged for a long time, the yeast has settled almost completely and the beer has only a slight Opalescence, so it is almost without cloudiness.

Our Märzen is a little stronger, more fermented and more palatable than the usual Pilsner beers. And in order to lend the beer a very special character, brewmaster Ralf used lots of aroma hop Monroe from Germany and Pacific Gem from Australia.

The special hops already determine the smell before the first sip: fruity notes of red berries, sweet fruits and a little grassy the beer conquers the nose first. Browned with caramel malt, the dark gold colour results.

The drink is slim. This makes the beer very drinkable, which was especially important to us. In the aftertaste the caramel note of the malt sticks to the palate and the light hop bitter note, which quenches the thirst without being obtrusive.

Tide Runner's Wave Breaker is perfect for barbecuing, rustic pizza, partying or just like that. We always find some reason to celebrate.